Every day from 3AM to 8AM I worry about the future of my businesses and my country. I feel scared and depressed.

Get dressed, walk the dogs, have coffee.

Every day from 9AM to 12PM I work on my computer, helping clients build websites, execute digital marketing and assist their customers online. I feel productive and hopeful.

Make lunch, read the news, have more coffee.

Every day from 1PM to 5PM I bounce around between 25 emails that require responses, 25 projects that feel stalled, and 25 tasks that have been on the to do list most of 2020. I feel unfocused and insecure.

Have dinner, watch the news, drink diet soda.

Every day from 6PM to 9PM I binge episodic TV shows that depict places far from my town and in time periods not my own. I feel involved and entertained.

Get undressed, watch videos, drink water.

Every day from 10PM to 3AM I sleep. I don’t know how I feel, I’m sleeping.

I do not notice what day of the week it is anymore.
I do not notice the months changing.
I do not notice.


I believe in planned optimism. My country will heal.
I believe in an untrained heart. What divides us will eventually unite us.
I believe in falling forward. The failures we see around us today will lead to future success.