I receive 10 unsolicited sales messages a day from people that do not know me.

Here is the gist of what they say in the message and how it makes me feel. Maybe you can use the info to empathize better with LinkedIn prospects. Or not.

“I read your impressive profile and believe you can use our services.”
FEELING: You did not read my profile and so now I don’t care what else you say.

“I see we have mutual connections and I would like to speak with you to learn more about your company.”
FEELING: I barely know our mutual connections, I don’t know you, and I hate wasting time, so think I’ll pass.

“I looked at your company’s website. Appears we can help you with our services.”
FEELING: You did not look at our website, and I’m bored with how generic is your pitch to me.

Yes, easy for me to complain, harder to suggest best practice. All I can tell you is LinkedIn messages generally lack authenticity.

Want my attention?

Tell me why you personally do what you do, right away.
Tell me what you believe in, what makes you excited, immediately.

If I feel positive about hearing those items, then I will be willing to learn about what you do and how you do it.