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I am a serial entrepreneur. I launch community inspiring, vision sharing and always profitable companies using my approach of Planned Optimism.

I believe in the value of planning, rehearsing, expecting trouble and maintaining hope. I plan for the politics of my endeavors. And I keep a sense of hope that all my efforts will be successful.

After 30 years and 10 companies I now regularly share my techniques for keeping an untrained heart, planning optimism and falling forward.

For several years I was on the advisory board of Empathic Workplace. I then joined their team to become Chief Operating Officer. We help build authentic workplace cultures. Empathy inspires employees, creates leaders and grows companies. We teach the use of story telling as a method to soften workplace investigations and smooth difficult conversations.

Our sister operation is Improv Therapy Group. We offer creative healing practices using improvisation techniques, with a focus on recovery and addiction programs. Being in the moment, maintaining a “yes and” philosophy and having the back of those around you are key tenets in both Improv and mental health.

Please contact me for speaking engagements, company workshops and authentic culture creation programs.